Christine, Pet Semetary, Cycle of the Werewolf

Christine (1983)

This was a fun read. I saw the film version as a kid and enjoyed it (still do), but I had never read the book before now. The plot centers around a nerdy teen named Arnie and the title character, his car–a 1958 Plymouth Fury. After purchasing the car, Arnie’s appearance and personality change as the vehice’s malevolent prescence slowly takes over. This is a fun read, with the idea of a possessed car being presented in much more thrilling and menacing fashion than describing that particular plot point sounds when spoken aloud.

Pet Semetary (1983)

This is a classic horror work from King. The book centers around a burial ground with the power to bring back to life those interred there. However, those who come back are fundamentally changed and, as in all good horror stories, there are consequences for messing with the natural cycle life & death. Louis Creed makes a compelling protagonist, and there are some genuinely creepy/terrifying moments in the book. While King frequently plays in a lot of genres, books like this one are a reminder of why he is known as the master of horror.

Cycle of the Werewolf (1983)

This is the shortest book I have read from King so far. It runs around 130 pages and a lot of those are illustrations. It is a quick read, and interesting. The 12 chapters represent the months of the year and the story follows a werewolf that terrorizes a small town in Maine. It is a fun bit of genre fiction. The terror gripping the town is palapable and the conclusion satisfactory. However, I did find myself wanting more out of the story, perhaps because it is so short compared to King’s other works.

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