Rolling Stone Top 500: #s 450-446

450) Paul and Linda McCartney, Ram

This is a strange record. McCartney is clearly feeling the country life in his 2nd album after the demise of The Beatles. This album is loose and silly and also somewhat forgettable. There are some good tracks here, Mccartney is after all one of the greatest songwriters of all time. But, overall, this is a pretty middle of the road album.

If you listen to one song: Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey

449) The White Stripes, Elephant

This is the album that cemented the breakout of the garage rock duo. This is a masterpiece if minimalist rock n roll and, like all White Stripes albums, there is not a throwaway track anywhere in sight. “Seven Nation Army” is one of the best opening tracks ever and the album just gets better from there.

If you listen to one song: Ball and Biscuit

448) Otis Redding, Dictionary of Soul

Otis Redding had one of the best voices in all of American pop music. This was the last album he released before his untimely death at rhe age of 26. It is full of fantastic performances. The first half of the album (Side A for those vinyl enthusiasts out there) is made up of cover songs while the back half of the album consists of Redding’s originals. Fron start to finish, this is a solid album.

If you listen to one song: Try A Little Tenderness

447) Bad Bunny, X 100pre

I am profoundly disappointed that I had to listen to this right after such a great album. I did not like this. There are occasionally some good beats here, but I am not a fan of the vocal delivery or the overall production. This is in the top 500? I don’t think so.

If you listen to one song: Tenemos Que Hablar

446) Alice Coltrane, Journey in Satchidanada

This is such a fantastic album. Coltrane incorporates elements of jazz with North African, Middle Eastern, and Indian instruments and rhythms. The result is a fantastically meditative album. At a quick 37 minutes, it is worth listening to straight through.

If you listen to one song: Journey in Satchidanada

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