Rolling Stone Top 500: #s 480-476

480) Miranda Lambert, The Weight of These Wings

I must admit, I was not excited when I saw this one on the list. Modern country music is one of the few genres that I just can’t seem to get into. That being said, this was a better album than I expected. There is a folk-rock edge to a lot of the songs and the sting of her recent divorce comes through in many of the lyrics. It was a good album and there are several tracks that will make it onto some of my Spotify playlists.

If you listen to 1 song: To Learn Her

479) Selena, Amor Prohibido

Growing up in the Houston area in the early 90s, Selena was everywhere, and her tragic murder was talked about for months and months afterwards. I had of course heard some of her stuff as a kid, but I had never listened to a full album until now. Her voice is gorgeously toned and her energy is infectious. In spite of the langauge barrier, I found this to be an enjoyable listen.

If you listen to 1 song: Amor Prohibido

478) The Kinks, Something Else By The Kinks

I like The Kinks. They were a damn cool band. This album, however, is not their best. It is boring and forgettable. There are a couple of decent tracks, but this is not one I will play over and over again.

If you listen to 1 song: Harry Rag

477) Howlin Wolf, Moanin in the Moonlight

This is the debut album from one of the best bluesmen of the middle part of the 20th century. Every track here is explosive, some of the best electric blues ever recorded. Howlin Wolf’s voice booms and growls over some damn slick musicianship from his backing band. There are no weak spots in the bunch, and frankly this one should be higher up the list.

If you listen to 1 song: Smokestack Lightnin’

476) Sparks, Kimono My House

This the third album from one of the coolest and most delightfully weird bands ever. Sparks is an awesome band, still putting out really cool records like this one. This one finds them leaning into glam rock while still maintaining their bizarre and hilarious lyrical style. This is 36 minutes of a damn good time.

If you listen to 1 song: Here in Heaven

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  1. Elizabeth Alanis Avatar
    Elizabeth Alanis

    I love “Harry Rag.” I’m loving this project.

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