Cubano Flatbread

This week’s flat bread was inspired by my favorite sandwich, the Cubano.

Ingredients: Flatbreads (I like the Stonefire Naan flatbreads), Pickles, Ham, Roasted pork, Mustard (the wife doesn’t like yellow mustard so I use spicy brown), and swiss cheese

Step 1: Spread a generous amount of mustard on each flatbread crust

Step 2: Add some swiss cheese

Step 3: Spread the ham and pork over the cheese

Step 4: Add some chopped pickles

Step 5: Top with some more Swiss and put it in the oven at 425 for 8-9 minutes

Now, enjoy!

Note: I used the spicy pickles from Fickle Pickles for this recipe. I get them in New Braunfels (every time I go there, I buy a few jars to bring back). They are my absolute favorite pickles, and the juice makes a damn fine brine for poultry. They are also available online at

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