Rolling Stone Top 500: #s500-496

500 — Arcade Fire, Funeral

Arcade Fire is a cool band and this is a great album. AF was one of the defining bands of early 2000s Indie-Rock and this album was a landmark in that subgenre. Introspective lyrics, symphonic arrangements, and it jams. I enjoyed revisiting this one.

If you listen to one song: “Wake Up”

499 — Rufus & Chaka Kahn, Ask Rufus

Chaka Kahn is one of the best vocalists of all time and this album showcases her so well. Funky and loose and genre spanning. A solid album all around.

If you listen to one song: “Everlasting Love”

498 — Suicide, Suicide

This was a damn cool album. I was not familiar with the band, but after listening to this I can see their influence all over the place. Early electronic music with a punk edge and some great lyrics.

If you listen to one song: “Ghost Rider”

497 — Various Artists, The Indestructible Beat of Soweto

This is a compilation of South African pop from the mid-80s. I went into it with absolutely no expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it almost impossible not to bob my head and smile all the way through this one.

If you listen to one song: “Emthonjeni Wormculo”

496 — Shakira, Dónde Están los Ladrones?

I know who Shakira is. I have enjoyed the music that I have heard from her. I had not, prior to listening to this album, ever listened to the Spanish language music that launched her career. And that was my mistake, because this album is really good. The passion in her voice is evident, and the emotion carries over in spite of the language barrier.

If you listen to one song: “No Creo”

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